International Projects

One of International Reading Association’s primary goals is to identify, focus, and provide leadership on significant literacy issues—whether on a local, regional, or worldwide scale. As a truly international organization, our network provides resources and support to literacy teachers and learners from all geographic regions, and from diverse cultural and language backgrounds.

Read with Me Arusha

WORD is excited to provide funding for the non-profit organization “Read with me Arusha;” not only because it will be promoting literacy and opportunities for children in Arusha, Tanzania, but also because we’re supporting Past-President and local SAC-IRA member Ann Teberg.

“Read With Me Arusha” is providing opportunities for the children of Arusha, Tanzania to increase their literacy skills; opening doors for their futures. Please feel free to follow Ann’s work at her website:

We hope that WORD members and local councils will help support our international project for the year! There are FOUR different ways that you can help support the children of Arusha and the work that Ann is working so diligently on. Their 2011 goals are to raise $5,000 and provide over 200pounds of books!

Here’s how you can help:

Samaritan Village Orphanage: Support the literacy development of these children by filling their library shelves with quality children’s literature and providing solar lights to read and study at night.

Karim Children’s Care Centre: Read With Me will help these children develop into strong citizens by creating and supporting their library. They will also be providing solar lights for the times when electricity is not available for reading and studying.

St. Margaret’s Academy in Arusha: Funding will support the literacy development of children at this school through the purchase of computers and materials to complete much needed classrooms.

Monetary Contributions to Read With Me-Arusha: The families are in great need of solar lights to allow for studying and reading at night and times when electricity is not available. Some homes are not on the grid for electricity and must resort to unsafe kerosene lamps or expensive wood or coal for light. Ann will be buying solar flashlights from an organization in Arusha.

How to Contribute

Individual may donate via a secure payment directly at In addition you may send donations to Read with Me Arusha in order to help meet their 2011 goals. Please make your checks payable to: Read With Me Arusha. On the notes line of your check, indicate which area you would like your monetary contribution to go towards.

Make a $20 Donation and Get Your Name Painted On The Fence!
If you donate $20 for Samaritan Village Orphanage, Ann will personally hand paint your name on the new cement fence. The children love seeing how many people love and care about them every day!

Mail your contributions to:
Read With Me Arusha
40428 Sunnyside Beach Road
Loon Lake, WA 99148

WORD is grateful for your support for this great cause! Thank you for donating. The children thank you. Asante sana.