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Local Council Wanting To Offer Clock Hours Through WORD
WORD Clock Hour Coordinator:
Pam Pottle, 833 Whisper Way, Bellingham, WA 98226, pamela.pottle@nullbellinghamschools.org

WORD is a recognized provider of state clock hours for events that are sponsored by WORD.

Events will be considered for clock hour provision when the following criteria are met:

  • A minimum of three weeks prior to the sponsored event, the local council must submit the WORD clock hours approval form (see WAC 181-85-200) found on the WORD website and/or local council thumb drives to the clock hours coordinator (current past president) according to WAC 181-85-045
  • The event is sponsored by a local council of WORD and is a minimum of 3 hours long.
  • Local councils may provide a combination of events, within one academic year, to equal a minimum of 3 hours. Participants must participate in each of the combined events to claim the combined clock hours.
  • The vita of the presenter is on file with the clock hours coordinator.
  • Registrants will sign-up at the beginning of the event and pay fees, payable to WORD. This list of paid clock hour recipients will be maintained by WORD for seven years, according to WAC 181-85-205.
  • After the event, Clock Hour sign-up sheets will be sent to the clock hours coordinator.
  • After the event, copies of sign-up sheets and the checks for payment will be sent to the WORD Treasurer.

Each participant will complete a program evaluation (as outlined in WAC 181-85-200) for record-keeping as required in WAC 181-85-205.

At the conclusion of the event, WORD will provide appropriate forms for those who signed up, paid, and completed an evaluation and the event(s) for the purpose of claiming continuing education credit hours (WAC 181-85-200)

These forms are the sole responsibility of the participant . No copies of the completed forms will be saved by WORD.

It is the responsibility of the participants to provide the completed form to their school district for documentation of clock hour credits.

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Clock Hour Proposal 14-15

Councils in Good Standing

Local Councils that are “in good standing” are eligible for a portion of the WORD Conference profits. This is our way of saying thanks for all the work you do throughout the year promoting the conferences, attending the conferences and helping to make them such a success. To receive 100% of the available allotment you need to qualify by achieving all 6 of the following requirements. To receive 75% of the available allotment, your council needs to complete 4 or 5 of these requirements.

  • If your council does not meet at least 3 of the requirements there will be no profit sharing allotments available to your council and we will be mentoring and guiding your council toward meeting these requirements. The monies not allocated to these councils will be placed into the mentoring fund.
  • Have minimum of 10 IRA members
  • All officers must have current IRA and WORD memberships
  • List of officers and contact information must be sent to the IRA Coordinator before May 1st
  • Minimum of one local council officer or representative must be in attendance at all three WORD Board meetings
  • Members from your council must assist at WORD conferences or workshops, if you needed
  • Submit membership list by December 1 to Membership Coordinator

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