WaSLA Executive Board

Alysia Alysia White
Chair of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and presides at all WaSLA events.
Email: AWhite@everettsd.org
Denise Gudwin
Past President
Member of the executive committee and duties as assigned.
Email: dgudwin@gmail.com
Cheryl Vance
ILA (International Literacy Association) Coordinator
Connects members of WaSLA to ILA.
Email: cvance@esd113.org
Suzanne_1 Suzanne Coleman
(manages all financial obligations of WaSLA)
Email: sucoleman@aol.com

Kristi Sherman
Membership Coordinator
(supports increasing membership and monitoring membership)
Email: kristisherman@frontier.com


Tiffany Rose
Secretary/Social Media Communications Coordinator
Maintains accurate records of WaSLA activities and communicates information to WaSLA executive committee/Maintains the WaSLA website and other forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
Email: rosetd@mukilteo.wednet.edu

 Kate for word website (225x300) (2)  

Kate Vafaeezadah
Conference Facilities & 2016 Event Conference Coordinator
Organizes Fall 2016 Conference and any partnership workshops
Email: KVafaeezadeh@everettsd.org