WaSLA – Washington State Literacy Association

Local Membership Chair Support

Thank you for supporting your

Local Council and WORD with Membership!

Membership Tips & Helpful Hints:

1. Plan your programs for the year and list the calendar of events in your membership brochure.

2.  Give contact numbers for officers.

3. Take local/WORD brochures to meetings and classes to give to potential members. Follow up with a phone call.

4. Host a breakfast for administrators, supervisors, and reading specialists.

5. Send brochures, publicity mailings and announcements for programs to a wide range of potential members.

Ideas for Increasing Participation

in Local Events and Membership

  • Encourage members to bring friends to council programs
  • make sponsors of a new council member eligible for a prize drawing
  • Offer free or discounted membership to Building Reps
  • Offer incentives to join: Eligibility for a drawing
  • Door prizes at meetings
  • Sponsor a “Bring Your Boss” at a program in the fall
  • Prizes for schools with most staff and principal in attendance.
  • Recruit local businesses to give discounts to members. Provide each member with discount coupons.
  • Conduct a drawing for an IRA membership for those who renew local membership early.
  • Reward school and/or schools with largest number or % of members.



Membership Chair Task for a Successful Year

August/September Launch your Membership Kick-Off as planned- GOOD LUCK!
October If previous members haven’t renewed by October 15, personal contact would be beneficial.
November Review Membership list for your local council (Provided by C-Vent and WORD Membership Chair)
December 1st Deadline for confirming Membership list is accurate and not in need of revisions
January *Depending on C-vent, Membership Bill may be sent at this time.
 March  Confirm Membership list and communicate with WORD Membership Chair
IRA Membership Support Tools

To protect members’ confidentiality, WORD and IRA policy dictates that no membership list or information is shared with any outside entity.

For questions, comments, or more LINKS TO WORD FORMS, please contact Kristi Sherman or Denise Gudwin