WaSLA – Washington State Literacy Association

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join WaSLA (WORD)?

Membership year begins July 1st through June 30th.  Register here: WaSLA Membership

How much are dues?

Regular membership is $25. Associate membership (For full-time students, retirees) dues are $15.

If I am a member of my local council, am I also a member of WaSLA (WORD)?

Yes, each local council is part of WaSLA (WORD).

How can I pay for conference fees?

Conference fees are paid at time of registration via the signmeup registration page. Information about conferences and other events can be found on the events page.

Can I attend WaSLA (WORD) sponsored events if I am not a member?

Yes, we welcome anyone at our events.  Membership offers you more connection and reduced fees, but you are welcome to attend as a “non-member.”

Is there a local council in my town?

WaSLA (WORD) has many local councils. Please check the the Local Councils page for a complete list. If there is no local council in your area, you can still be a member of WaSLA (WORD) as an “At-Large” member.

How can I submit articles for the newsletter?

We welcome submissions and recommendations.  Email WaSLAliteracy@gmail.com