WaSLA Executive Board

Alysia White

Chair of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and presides at all WaSLA events.

Denise Gudwin
Past President

Member of the executive committee and duties as assigned.

Cheryl Vance
ILA (International Literacy Association) Coordinator

Connects members of WaSLA to ILA.

Suzanne Coleman

Manages all financial obligations of WaSLA.

Kristi Sherman
Membership Coordinator

(supports increasing membership and monitoring membership)

Tiffany Rose
Secretary/Social Media Communications Coordinator

Maintains accurate records of WaSLA activities and communicates information to WaSLA executive committee/Maintains the WaSLA website and other forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
Email: rosetd@mukilteo.wednet.edu

Kate Vafaeezadah
Conference Facilities & 2016 Event Conference Coordinator

Organizes Fall 2016 Conference and any partnership workshops.