WaSLA – Washington State Literacy Association

Celebrate Literacy Award

The Celebrate Literacy Award recognizes organizations, institutions, and individuals who have made significant literacy contributions at the state level. The recipient must be a past or present recipient of a local council’s Celebrate Literacy Award.


To be considered for the award, the applicant must previously have received the Celebrate Literacy Award from a local council.

Candidates who have shown exemplary accomplishments in any of the following areas may be considered for the state award:

  1. irect teaching at any level
  2. organizing literacy program
  3. promoting support from the public relative to enhancing literacy
  4. producing teaching materials or special media for literacy programs
  5. conducting research in fields related to literacy
  6. providing young people the opportunity to help in literacy activities
  7. providing literacy information, materials, or activities for special populations
  8. support and direct involvement in local, state, and IRA council for an extended period of time

It is important to remember that the accomplishments should have an impact on the state, rather than a specific geographic area.


Past Literacy Awards

2008 – Barbara Ward, Benton-Franklin
2006 – Marcie Belgard, Benton-Franklin Council and Janelle Stolp, Spokane
2006 – Linda Wert, Spokane
2004 – Phyllis Ferguson, Benton-Franklin
2002 – Charlotte Streit, Spokane
2001 – Jan George, Spokane
2000 – Connie Ramsey, Spokane
1998 – Reading Foundation, Benton-Franklin
1996 – Betty Steeds, Kent
1995 – Carolyn Olson , Auburn
1994 – Les Brown and Calvin Duncan, Benton-Franklin
1992 – Jeanette Johnson, Yakima and Nancy Place, Northwest
1991 – Bob Strobe, Tacoma and The Daily News, Longview
1990 – Jim Watson, Highline
1989 – Ed Dorothy
1988 – Joyce Smith