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WaSLA honors educators, authors, and others involved in reading and literacy efforts awards and grants. An overview of each award—with guidelines and application forms—can be found here.

Bonnie Campbell Hill Washington State Literacy Teacher Leader Award 2020-2021  – Application Deadline Extended to May 15, 2020

Through the Bonnie Campbell Hill Washington State Literacy Leader Award, the Washington State Literacy Association (WaSLA) will recognize two outstanding literacy leaders each year.  The award honors the contributions and leadership of the late Bonnie Campbell Hill.  Award recipients may include classroom teachers, literacy coaches, administrators or teacher educators dedicated to improving their own professional expertise in teaching reading and writing in real world contexts in grades K – 8.   The US $2,500 grant for each literacy leader is intended to be used for their own or others’ professional development (not for materials or technology, except professional books for a book study). The award is supported by Bonnie Campbell Hill’s family and colleagues. 


Your application materials must include five items:

  1. Your application materials must include five items:
    1. Completed application form.
    2. A professional development plan (three-page maximum) for 2020-2021 that outlines why you would be a strong candidate for these monies and your vision for how this support would allow you to enhance your teaching of K-8 students and/or work with professional colleagues. Funds may be used for, but are not limited to, the following activities: attending the Annual ILA Conference, attending the Annual NCTE Conference, attending Teacher’s College Training, participating in courses and/or workshops, buying professional books to lead a book study among colleagues.  Funds may not be used to buy classroom materials or technology.  The plan should address the evaluation criteria that are listed in the attached rubric.  The plan must provide details about the project and include a specific budget indicating how the $2,500 would be spent.
    3. A resumé showing professional experience and leadership accomplishments/activities.
    4. A letter of recommendation from a supervisor detailing your leadership skills, collaborative interactions, effective teaching practices, successful teaching/learning relationships with students and teachers and an understanding of the intentions and/or support of the project detailed by the applicant.  The letter of recommendation should address the evaluation criteria that are listed in the attached rubric.
    5. A follow up report, submitted by August 30, 2021 describing how the award was used and how it helped you carry forward your ideas.

An electronic copy of the complete application packet must be submitted by email to the chair (see address below) by May 15, 2020.   The evaluation criteria are included with this letter.

Announcements of the winners will occur by the end of May. Recipients are expected to complete their project/activity by August 30, 2021.  The award will be presented at the Fall 2020 WaSLA (Washington State Literacy Association) Conference and includes complimentary registration to the conference. Recipients will speak briefly about their award at this event.  While WaSLA will provide free registration to the 2020 Conference, any additional expenses (transportation, meals, and housing) will be borne by the winner or paid for out of the initial award.

E-mail application to: Megan Sloan, Committee Chair at megansloan@msn.com

CLICK HERE for the application for the Bonnie Campbell Hill Award.

Other Awards

Administrator Award This award recognizes an administrator who has effectively motivated, inspired, and supported others in the promotion of literacy. The award will be presented at the time of the State Leadership Workshop. Administrator
Author/Illustrator/Storyteller Award This award recognizes a Washington author, illustrator or storyteller for outstanding contributions to children’s literature. The award will be presented during the State Leadership Workshop. Author, Illustrator or Storyteller
Celebrate Literacy Award The Celebrate Literacy Award recognizes organizations, institutions, and individuals who have made significant literacy contributions at the state level. The recipient must be a past or present recipient of a local council’s Celebrate Literacy Award. The award will be presented during the State Leadership Workshop. Organizations, Institutions, and Individuals
Florence Sperling Easy Grants A $50.00 grant to buy literacy materials for classrooms. Ten easy grants are awarded during the course of the year. Members
Honor Council ILA awards a Honor Council award to outstanding local councils. Council

CLICK HERE for award nomination form.