WaSLA – Washington State Literacy Association

Outstanding Administrator Award

This award recognizes an administrator who has effectively motivated, inspired, and supported others in the promotion of literacy.


Nominees will be judged by evidence found within the application on the following categories:

  • Effectiveness in motivating and inspiring others;
  • Effectiveness in working with diverse groups;
  • Demonstration of support in promoting literacy;
  • Achievements and accomplishments in career.

A variety of personal accounts of examples of the nominee’s adherence to the above criteria would lend additional credence to this nomination.


Past Honorees

2011 – Dorcas Wylder, Spokane
2009 – Pam Francis, Spokane
2007 – Joyce Stewart, Everett
2006 – Michele Williams, Northshore School District and Mary Cronin, Lake Washington School District
2005 – Nancy Gill, Principal Catlin Elementary School, Kelso
2004 – Marcia Taes, Spokane
2003 – Gene Wooley, Spokane
2001 – Linda Smith ,Tacoma
2000 – Dr. Millie Lindell, Tacoma and Bob Busk, North Central
1993 – Lynn Rosellini, Tacoma
1992 – Bill Stewart, Kent
1991 – Marjorie Griffin,Tacoma
1990 – Robert Valiant, Benton-Franklin
1989 – Pat Smithson, Federal Way
1988 – Sandra McCord, Highline